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The Plant Kit Guide: Which One Should I Buy?

Which plant growing kit should I buy? Which one is the easiest to grow? Which one will last the longest? Which one will they/I like the best? I’m new to gardening…HELP!? These are questions that may come up when trying to figure out which planting kit is right for you, and if you are giving it as a gift, trying to decide which one might they like can cause some anxiety. Here is a little guide to help you out. Here’s the main info you may want to know. Here’s a quick reference:

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3 Fruit Plants That Are Self Pollinating or Self Fruiting and Grow Indoors

There are many fruit plants that are self pollinating or self fruiting. The flower contains both the male and female parts to fertilize and grow their own fruit without the need for a second plant to assist it.  In fact, many gardeners opt for self-pollinating plants because they are easier to grow and maintain. Here are three popular fruit plants that produce fruit on their own and grow well indoors. First up: Tomatoes Micro, cherry or any small variety of tomato does well indoors. Depending on the variety they can grow well indoors and not take up too much space, both vertically or horizontally. Cherry tomatoes grow in clusters which make them great for picking or cutting them right off the stem, and are great...

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Why You Should Use Clay Pebbles In Your Garden

Expanded clay pebbles, also known as hydroton, are a type of porous potting media made from fired clay. Used in hydroponics and aquaponics, they are an excellent horticultural substrate for growing plants. Their porous structure and ability to wick water and nutrients make them an ideal growing medium for plants. Clay pebbles are also a perlite alternative made from natural clay. They are non-toxic, pH neutral, and environmentally friendly. Because of its porous nature, areas of space between the clay pebbles help your plants roots breathe and move around freely in turn allowing the roots of your plant easy access in taking up water and nutrients. These garden tools serve multiple purposes in non-tradtional gardening methods like:  They create the structure to hold up your plants. In...

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Interview With...Podcast Edition | Kinda Hippie, Kinda Hood with Siri Lorece

Back in 2019 I had just started getting back into creative projects, planting seeds, and reviving my business I put on hold. After deciding to leave the tech industry, and ultimately corporate America, it was time to get back into small business life. After reactivating my Instagram account I immersed my way back into all things #plantlife. While connecting with the community at large through another account called Black Girls With Gardens I connected with the multi-talented gardener, tiny house living, home schooling, musician, certified yoga instructor, singer, the price is right winner, and then some extraordinaire, Siri Lorece. I had the honor of chatting with Siri on her podcast Kinda Hippie, Kinda Hood...oops, did I mention podcast host to the list?...

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3 Reasons Why You Should Grow Lettuce Indoors

There are many reasons why you may want to grow lettuce indoors. Perhaps you are looking to save money on groceries, or maybe you want to have a little bit of green in your life all year long. Here are three reasons why growing lettuce is a great idea: 1) Lettuce is fast and easy to grow. 2) Lettuce is a tasty leafy vegetable high in nutrients. 3) Lettuce can be grown in moderate climates, making it an ideal crop for people   One Lettuce is easy to grow which makes it wonderful for first time growers. Depending on the variety you can see sprouts as soon as 3 days after planting. It's as close to instant gratification you can get with...

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