3 Fruit Plants That Are Self Pollinating or Self Fruiting and Grow Indoors

3 Fruit Plants That Are Self Pollinating or Self Fruiting and Grow Indoors

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There are many fruit plants that are self pollinating or self fruiting. The flower contains both the male and female parts to fertilize and grow their own fruit without the need for a second plant to assist it. 

In fact, many gardeners opt for self-pollinating plants because they are easier to grow and maintain. Here are three popular fruit plants that produce fruit on their own and grow well indoors.

First up:

holding two cherry tomato vine cuttings


Micro, cherry or any small variety of tomato does well indoors. Depending on the variety they can grow well indoors and not take up too much space, both vertically or horizontally. Cherry tomatoes grow in clusters which make them great for picking or cutting them right off the stem, and are great for snacking when tending to the garden, or cutting and adding to a hot pan for steaming.




If you made it this far you may be wondering if tomatoes and peppers are even fruits or If they are vegetables. Wait until we get to number 3, but yes, these are fruits.

Peppers are wonderful self pollinators and grow well indoors without any outside intervention. The Thai Hot Ornamental pepper is a lot of fun to watch grow as they change colors and look like little Christmas tree lights but pack a punch! Thai Hot Ornamental peppers sit on the pretty hot scale of 50,000-100,000 Scoville units. In comparison, jalapeños sit around the 2,000-8,000 range! These are most definitely small but mighty peppers and grow without any hassle.




One thing these three have in common is not only the argument whether they are fruits or vegetables, but they are all members of the nightshade family. So eating tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants are nightshade fruits and also provide many health benefits, so don't be put off by the name!

Growing eggplants indoors can be a bit trickier than growing tomatoes and peppers. While they are self fruiting sometimes these plants need a little extra help producing their pretty purple fruit. 

A tip for growing these is to vibrate the plant to get the pollen moving by either gently shaking it to simulate wind, or using something like an electric toothbrush. Essentially what this does is simulate wind or a buzzing insect. Sometimes the pollen needs help getting down to the stigma to start the production process.

Another tip is to take one eggplant flower and using the stigma massage it to another eggplant flower in the morning hours when the flower is the most open.

By doing these tricks, and planting these seeds or transplants you can have fruit growing indoors, any time of the year.


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