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Founded in 2013 my mission has been to make indoor gardening beautifully simple. After failed attempt after failed attempt of trying to garden outdoors I knew there had to be another way. The Arizona heat is scorching hot in the spring and summer and the other times it is volatile with huge temperature shifts. Pests are another element to worry about, overwatering causes quick sprouting and quick wilts to the plants and it was a constant battle to keep anything alive. 

Now there is an easier way! 

With these kits I found a way to grow indoors, with no worry of pests, temperature shits, over or under-watering, or any of the extra fuss of outdoor gardening.  Seeing is believing and has made all the difference.  Each seed type has been tested over the years to be the perfect choice for your indoor garden.

Coco and Seed is:

• Eco-Friendly! Each garden kit uses glass mason jars that are durable and don’t leech any harmful chemicals. Contents are packaged using certified compostable wood-based biofilm made in the USA and meet FDA requirements for contact with food so you know what's packaged inside is safe.

• Assembled in Arizona. Woman-owned, black-owned business located right in Arizona. Each order is prepared and packed with care in mind. 

• Carries Non-GMO seeds sourced in the USA have been carefully tested and picked for the best growing experience. 

• Here to help! Coco and Seed offers a free seed guarantee if at first you don’t succeed you get sent new seeds for free! Support and encouragement is here when you need it!

The Beginning:

start of a small business at a farmers market in 2014


My story:

Hi, I'm Tishana. I always wanted to garden but I couldn't keep a plant alive to save my life! One day, my complete neglect of a plant for a couple weeks showed signs of survival and prosperity. I had no idea how it survived but after seeing it bear over 20 fruits I had to figure out how and was hooked. I watched videos, read articles and books, and experimented (which was the most fun part)!

Through trial and error and research, I found a great way to grow herbs indoors using a mason jar. Around the same time I found out about hydroponics and wondered if the same idea would work. Turns out it worked out amazingly well and my business was born. I wanted others to experiment with me and enjoy this crazy phenomenon of urban gardening, especially those of you out there with "black thumbs". But I also want it to be a stylish, low maintenance, recyclable planter!

Since the early business beginnings in 2013 it has grown into much more than that, but still a love of gardening and nature. My creative muscles have been flexed and my mind has been opened to this world of plants and nature and it's a beautiful thing.

To get in touch please visit the contact page or send an email to hello [at] cocoandseed [dot] com.

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