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Coco and Seed is a home goods brand specializing in nature-based garden-themed products, especially edible plants. It is our belief that you can grow healthy edible herbs, greens, and even fruits indoors in small spaces without the need for a grow light or the added bells and whistles of hydroponic gardening. Garden kits are also perfect for the beginner, especially those that don't believe they have green thumbs! With Coco and Seed garden kits anyone can grow easily, and safely, indoors. 

Coco and Seed has been through a growth process. I think that could be said about anything in life, we must all go through changes. It has evolved into what it is now and it's continuing to grow.

Something that has been extremely important to me is sustainability and being eco-conscious and it's not a fad. Because of this being such an important factor I had to make some changes.

Recyclable and/or compostable packaging will be in the forefront of my mind. Orders will be shipped out in compostable mailers that break down in 6 months! If the order is too big it will be shipped out in a recyclable box. Orders will also be wrapped in recyclable custom printed tissue paper when available. Plastics will be cut down to containers that break down quickly not indefinitely. It is of much importance to do what we can. I am a firm believer. 

So when you purchase from Coco and Seed, know that we are making a difference together.

holding a purple mason jar hydroponic kit with lettuce

My story:


Hi, I'm Tishana. I always wanted to garden but I couldn't keep a plant alive to save my life! One day, my complete neglect of a plant for a couple weeks showed signs of survival and prosperity. I had no idea how it survived but after seeing it bear over 20 fruits I had to figure out how and was hooked. I watched videos, read articles and books, and experimented (which was the most fun part)!

Through trial and error and research, I found a great way to grow herbs indoors using a mason jar. Around the same time I found out about hydroponics and wondered if the same idea would work. Turns out it worked out amazingly well and my business was born. I wanted others to experiment with me and enjoy this crazy phenomenon of urban gardening, especially those of you out there with "black thumbs". But I also want it to be a stylish, low maintenance, recyclable planter!

Since the early business beginnings in 2013 it has grown into much more than that, but still a love of gardening and nature. My creative muscles have been flexed and my mind has been opened to this world of plants and nature and it's a beautiful thing.

To get in touch please visit the contact page or send an email to hello [at] cocoandseed [dot] com.


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