collage of plant business growth over the years
Tishana came up with these garden kits in 2013 while killing every plant she tried growing from seed. She couldn't keep a plant alive if you paid her to, meanwhile she would see everyone else have magical green thumbs. Why was it working for them and not her? Are other people having this same issue?  Through trial and error and fun science experiments she came up with two successful solutions. From that point Coco and Seed was born.  

Coco and Seed since then has gained notoriety in the garden space by being featured twice on the TODAY show She Made It (2020 and 2023), Oprah Magazine's Favorite Things in 2020, Architectural Digest, Cosmopolitan +, Buzzfeed, Garden Gate Magazine and more!

Tishana has proven that it doesn't matter your skill level when trying to grow a garden, it comes down to a couple simple steps. Bringing it back to the basics: A growing medium (coconut husks and a seed)I..if you have a desire and a curiosity to garden then these kits will restore faith in your gardening abilities once again.

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