The Plant Kit Guide: Which One Should I Buy?

The Plant Kit Guide: Which One Should I Buy?

The Plant Kit Guide: Which One Should I Buy? Coco and Seed

Which plant growing kit should I buy? Which one is the easiest to grow? Which one will last the longest? Which one will they/I like the best? I’m new to gardening…HELP!?

These are questions that may come up when trying to figure out which planting kit is right for you, and if you are giving it as a gift, trying to decide which one they might like may cause some anxiety.

Here is a little guide to help you out. Here’s the main info you may want to know. Here’s a quick reference:

These grow the fastest: Greens. Your lettuce, arugula, and swiss chard. Greens are the fastest to grow and fastest to harvest. These are all cut and come again meaning you can get longer harvest times. Some full grown plants will be ready from seed to harvest in just 30 days. 

coco and seed green vegetable plants collage

Grab the bundle of all three here


The most popular: You can’t go wrong with basil. It is the best seller and for good reason. It germinates fairly quickly (in about 3-5 days on average) and can get pretty tall if you allow it. The more the merrier. You can use it in many versatile ways.

coco and seed basil collage

Grab the hydroponic. Grab the soil.

Growing fruit looks tough. How long does it take? It’s not as tough as it looks but it can take a bit longer to harvest and can potentially be more “involved”.. Expect it to take 2-3 times longer than your greens. We are talking about 60 + days until fruiting. These are for the long term commitment-loving people. But there is no reward without some risk and patience. Tomatoes and peppers produce very easily, it’s very much a set and forget plant, but the fairy tale eggplant can be a bit more finicky and can require some hand pollinating if they aren’t producing on their own.

coco and seed fruiting plants collage

Grow your own fruit Indoors here: Tomato, Fairy Tale Eggplant, Thai Hot Ornamental Pepper

What’s good for a semi-experienced gardener? Mint, thyme, cilantro, and sage are great for people not new to gardening. Mint can be tricky to get started, the seeds are some of the smallest you can encounter. Thyme takes time to grow and get established. Cilantro takes 2 weeks to germinate so it can seem like it can take awhile before it appears (not the best for the instant gratification people out there), and sage is a love it or hate it plant, much like cilantro. People either love the taste or hate it! 

coco and seed mint cilantro thyme sage plants collage

Grab the hydroponicGrab the soil.

Hydroponic or Soil? Hydroponic is relatively different when it comes to gardening. These plants aren’t just sitting in plain ol water but rather nutrient infused water. All the nutrients, the N-P-K (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium), in soil are contained in hydroponic plant food. If you want to try something new, see the roots, grow plants you normally wouldn’t be able to grow in a soil container indoors try Hydroponic. If you’re more of a traditional grower, try the soil. You can’t go wrong with either and both are fun.

coco and seed hydroponic kit and soil herb plant kit collage

Shop the garden collection


Don’t grow what you think someone won’t use on a regular basis. I don’t recommend growing sage if you only use it once a year around the holidays. When in doubt, pick basil. It’s easy, relatively fast, smells great, abundant to grow, and can be used in a multitude of ways.

Do grow something that you can use in versatile ways. Greens are a great example of this.

Don’t grow something you won’t use! All these plants thrive off of *conscious harvesting, so the more you need it the more it will grow.

Do think of ways you can incorporate it into your life and favorite meals, drinks, and dishes. Try new recipes to spice up your life.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. There is support here at Coco and Seed. Ask away, visit the blog, watch our videos on youtube, instagram, tiktok, meta/facebook, and anywhere you see Coco and Seed videos.

Do have a curious mind! Gardening should be fun! Try something new. We offer a free seed guarantee if you don’t succeed with your first growing attempt. Try again with the same plant or try something new.

*conscious harvesting refers to the idea of harvesting, pruning, cultivating as much as you need without causing shock to the plant. Over harvesting can cause shock and slow regrowth to some plants (herbs and greens). Not harvesting when ready will cause the plant to stop producing.

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