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Interview With...Podcast Edition | Kinda Hippie, Kinda Hood with Siri Lorece

podcast interview kinda hippe kinda hood siri lorece coco and seed

Back in 2019 I had just started getting back into creative projects, planting seeds, and reviving my business I put on hold. After deciding to leave the tech industry, and ultimately corporate America, it was time to get back into small business life.

After reactivating my Instagram account I immersed my way back into all things #plantlife. While connecting with the community at large through another account called Black Girls With Gardens I connected with the multi-talented gardener, tiny house living, home schooling, musician, certified yoga instructor, singer, the price is right winner, and then some extraordinaire, Siri Lorece.

I had the honor of chatting with Siri on her podcast Kinda Hippie, Kinda Hood...oops, did I mention podcast host to the list?

You can listen to the episode by clicking here or pressing play below.



Learn more about Siri and what she is up to by visiting her Instagram as well as the very soul-inspiring community she is building over at Creative Arts Farm where she is sowing seeds of wellness. You can also visit her website where she just released her very first solo EP. Check it out here!


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