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How To Harvest Your Lettuce

So you've been growing your lettuce, now what? Ideal harvest time for your lettuce mix, comprised to romaine lettuces, rossa leaf lettuce, oak leaf lettuce, and red and green leaf lettuce. Ideal harvest time when growing indoors is between 28-40 days. If you wait too long to harvest your lettuce mix it can become bitter tasting.  The best tip I can give is to harvest when you need it. Use it as fresh as possible. Add it to your salad mix (throw in some microgreens, arugula, spinach, chard!), use it on your burgers or fish tacos, add it to your eggs in the morning as a side salad, and throw in some vine ripened hydroponic cherry tomatoes too. You can...

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How To Harvest Your Basil

In this quick video we show the best way to harvest your basil so that your plant becomes full and bushy rather than tall and lanky. By continually harvesting your basil the right way it will continue providing for you. The more you use it the more it will provide. 

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Your Roots Are Showing! Why This Is A Good Thing.

One of the coolest things about hydroponics is being able to see the roots growing. It’s important to monitor them from time to time to make sure they are as healthy as can be. Let’s get into it and how to maintain a healthy roots system. When you first plant a seed you want to make sure that the water level is just within reach for the roots to have access to that nutrient rich water waiting below. You don’t want them to work too hard so keeping them within root’s reach will make sure that the plant is strong and encourages its growth. As always it’s important to keep an airspace so that the higher roots can take in...

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Tips on Harvesting your Greens

Alright, harvest time! I often get the question about harvesting your greens like lettuce and arugula (and even wheatgrass!) and how much! These are all cut and grow again varieties. Let’s chat about that for a second! Stick to the 1/3rd rule! Meaning, harvest only 1/3rd at a time. A couple reasons to do this are as follows: 💢SHOCK! Harvesting more than this at one time can cause your plant to go into shock. If this happens regrowing then then may be very slow, not as vigorous, or worse not at all :( 👣 Take only what you need. This reminds me of camping or hiking. Be gentle with it, if you don’t need to harvest it all then don’t...

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