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How to Make Banana Peel Tea Fertilizer

Rice water fertilizer? Check! Banana peels? You bet! The red sun has been beaming down in Arizona these past several days, you can even see it in the pictures I took of my banana tea fertilizer. I don’t know why but it encourages me to want to use more of what I have around the house and put it back towards my plants! I made several jars of this banana fertilizer after making many loaves of banana bread.   Each mason jar has 3 banana peels and they have been sitting in water for just under 2 days! They have already been fermenting and bubbling. Also reminds me of halloween and the holidays when we will undoubtedly be baking all...

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How to Pollinate Indoor Fruits

The good news here is that the Thai Hot Peppers, Tidy Treat Tomatoes, and Fairy Tale Eggplants are all self pollinating fruit bearing plants. Sometimes they can use a little bit of help, but you can leave your makeup and paintbrushes at home.  So how can you stop your leaves from dropping before they produce fruit? Create some movement. This can be airflow from an open window, a fan, a simple touch, or a handy tool you may already have, an electric toothbrush! But don’t worry, your bristles will be safe, it’s the simple vibration while touching the stem that gets the pollen moving from within each flower. So no need to carry pollen from one flower to the next,...

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Tips for Growing Tomatoes Indoors

Whether you are growing in a mason jar or an EcoPlanter growing tomatoes indoors can be a fun, easy, and rewarding experience! Just think, within 2 months you can pick vine ripe tomatoes grown indoors on a windowsill with no pollution or pesticides. So here are a couple of tips when growing Coco and Seed tomato growing kits. 1. Keep only 1 per container There will be a few seeds available in each kit but it’s advised to only keep 1 seedling/plant per container. These tomatoes can get large and take over the space. Growing only 1 can keep the size down as well as maintenance. 2. Well Fed Tomatoes, just like other flowering plants will require a fair amount of...

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White Mold? Fuzzy Coconut Coir? Here's How To Fix This!

Updated 5.11.22 Mold and fungus is everywhere! Have you tried this method? Some indoor and potted plants are prone to getting white mold but don’t freak out. This is totally normal and is deemed harmless to the plants and us. This is because there can be a lack of air circulation, overwatering, and not enough sunlight to help dry it out.Even looking around at my own pots some have a bigger issue while others seem just fine. An easy way to fix this would be to open windows and turn on fans to make sure there is enough airflow. Make sure there is adequate sunlight to help dry out the topsoil, and making sure not to overwater. The last one...

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