Freshly harvested hydroponic tomatoes grown indoors

Tips for Growing Tomatoes Indoors

Whether you are growing in a mason jar or an EcoPlanter growing tomatoes indoors can be a fun, easy, and rewarding experience! Just think, within 2 months you can pick vine ripe tomatoes grown indoors on a windowsill with no pollution or pesticides.

Hydroponic tomato plant in mason jar coco and seed

So here are a couple of tips when growing Coco and Seed tomato growing kits.

1. Keep only 1 per container

    There will be a few seeds available in each kit but it’s advised to only keep 1 seedling/plant per container. These tomatoes can get large and take over the space. Growing only 1 can keep the size down as well as maintenance.

    2. Well Fed

    Tomatoes, just like other flowering plants will require a fair amount of nutrients. Once the flowers arrive be sure that the plant has enough nutrients, whether provided from the shop, homemade, or purchased elsewhere. Once the plant starts putting energy into producing fruit it can use an extra food boost. This can as simple as increasing the plant food ration from 50:50 up to 60:40 or even 70:30 if it looks like the plant needs more

    3. Shake to Pollinate

    The tomato seeds provided in the kits are self pollinating, meaning that there doesn’t need to be outside intervention, pollinating bugs, or paint brushes to get your tomatoes to start appearing. What can further assist is a gentle shake. My favorite tool is an electric toothbrush to merely touch the stems to have the whole plant vibrate. That helps the pollen move throughout the flower. A fan to help circulate the air and strengthen the stem also works. Once the flowers appear don’t forget to give them a friendly shake. The same rules apply to the thai chili peppers and eggplants!

    4.Cut the stems or pull one by one 

    When it comes time to harvest you can do it one of two main ways. One is cutting the whole stem when they all turn red or two, pulling individual tomatoes once they turn red. They won’t all ripen at once so feel free to pick and or choose :)

    5. It keeps growing!

    Container tomato flowers coco and seed

    Your tomato plant will keep producing flower sets even after your tomatoes have come and gone. While they ripen at different times they will continue flowering. Keep watering after your harvests and look for more buds to arrive.

      I hope these tomato tips help along your growing journey!

      Feel free to watch this short video chatting all about them here.

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