Growing Spinach Indoors

Growing Spinach Indoors

There are a few things I recommend when growing greens indoors:

1) Grow something you will actually want to eat

2) Have fun and try new things

You know what they say, store-bought will never taste as good as homegrown. I can tell you now that I love spinach, I’ve eaten it regularly ever since I can remember but this, THIS right here is what I imagine Popeye would eat 😆. It tastes full of life, green and earthy, but dense and filling and fresh. Yes, all of those! I wish you could taste this because spinach will never taste the same again 🤤 grown indoors on the windowsill, indoor farm to table mission complete! 

Check out these photos below to follow along the journey. 

Just seeded. Planted about 1/4th inch deep, or roughly pinky nail deep.

Coco and Seed EcoPlanter

Week 3: Slow growth but finally starting to see some progress!

Container spinach week 3

One week later

Spinach spinach week 4Spinach spinach week 4

Week 5:

Spinach spinach week 5

Spinach spinach week 5

The following week:

Spinach spinach week 6

Container spinach week 6

So there you have it! The journey to grow some spinach indoors. Now, onto the next adventure in indoor farming :)

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