Tips on Harvesting your Greens

Tips on Harvesting your Greens

Harvest greens one third rule arugula container plant

Alright, harvest time! I often get the question about harvesting your greens like lettuce and arugula (and even wheatgrass!) and how much! These are all cut and grow again varieties. Let’s chat about that for a second!

Stick to the 1/3rd rule! Meaning, harvest only 1/3rd at a time. A couple reasons to do this are as follows:

one third harvest rule arugula with ecoplanter

💢SHOCK! Harvesting more than this at one time can cause your plant to go into shock. If this happens regrowing then then may be very slow, not as vigorous, or worse not at all :(

👣 Take only what you need. This reminds me of camping or hiking. Be gentle with it, if you don’t need to harvest it all then don’t feel the need to. Take only what you need (up to 1/3rd at a time) and leave the rest!

cut arugula leaves on table with writing pull or cut

✂️ Alrighty, now where to cut? Give yourself roughly 2 inches from the base of the stem. Don’t cut all the way to the base because it won’t have a chance to grow at all! Don’t get too scissor happy 😄 give yourself a couple of inches of plant to work with so it has something to grow from! Cut where there are leaves. Deal?! Sweet! Now have fun harvesting buds! 🌿

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