Harvesting Bright Lights Swiss Chard Grown From Seed | Video

Harvesting Bright Lights Swiss Chard Grown From Seed | Video

Do you need a large growing space to grow palm sized, and even bigger, leafy greens? Absolutely not. 

Brightly colored swiss chard can is just one of the many things you can grow indoors on a windowsill, no grow lights needed.

Man holding home grown swiss chard in hands

This particular variety is called Bright Lights and you can see why it gets that name. The gorgeous yellows, pinks, oranges, and whites brighten up any kitchen garden grow area. 

These sit on the south facing windowsill where it can get a good balance of direct and indirect sun light all day long with the early morning and early afternoon hours being the best for direct light. 

indoor soilless container grown bright lights swiss chard

The container they are growing in is roughly the same depth and width at around 5.5 inches. Again, not a huge container, but look at how healthy they are!

These leafy greens use the passive hydroponic technique by wicking up nutrient rich hydroponic fertilizer via a thick cotton string. The string also helps to make sure the coconut coir is evenly saturated with enough moisture. Not too much that it will drown and not too little that they will dry out. There are holes at the bottom that allow aeration and roots to work their way through to get instant access to the food source.

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