EcoPlanter Hydroponic Gardening Kit Seeds - Step 2

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Step 2. Once you've chosen your base get growing indoors combined with the Eco-friendly planter! Or better known as, an EcoPlanter. The coconut coir, cotton wicking string and hydroponic nutrients combine together to make the perfect windowsill garden companion. With the coconut coir to provide enough oxygen for the roots, and a pest free sterile, yet hydrated, environment you will have everything you need to grow your leafy greens, to spicy peppers, to microgreens packed with nutrients. 

Plant some seeds in the coconut coir, water from below, and viola! You're now an indoor farmer. All thumbs welcomed especially the newbie gardener. Here at Coco and Seed we are all about making indoor gardening beautifully simple.


Note: Radish and Beet Microgreens are meant to be harvested once and will not regrow after being cut. 

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