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Thai Hot Pepper Hydroponic Mason Jar Garden Kit

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Grow Thai Hot Ornamental Peppers indoors. These can be eaten! They are spicy though. These measure anywhere between 50,000-100,000 on the Scoville scale.

These peppers take quite some time to germinate, up to 2 weeks in ideal conditions. So plant all the seeds you get, make sure the grow pod is always damp, but not soaking wet, set in a sunny location, then wait! 80 days to harvest. Multiple harvests.

This pepper kit is perfect for those that love spicy food but can appreciate the wait as they take time to not only germinate but fruit as well.

Thai Hot Ornamental Peppers are self pollinating, so there's nothing extra you need to do to get the peppers producing. 

The Hydroponic Mason Jar Garden is an easy to use, self-contained hydroponic system that is perfect for the beginning gardener. It is a great way to get started with hydroponics and requires little maintenance.

The kit comes with all of the components you need to start growing plants: a 16 oz Mason Jar, protective cover, bamboo plant label, net pot, clay pebbles, non-GMO seeds, growing pod, dry nutrient mix, and directions.

Non-GMO seeds sourced from the US

Tested and guaranteed to grow

Eco-friendly supplies - compostable and recyclable

Easy to grow - for all garden levels

Easy as 1-2-3!

Each kit has everything you need to get started growing indoors.

Unbox your kit, set it up and watch it grow, and reap the rewards!

You Can Grow A Garden!

Stop Killing Your Plants - Try This Instead

This is gardening made easy. Grow plants inside to take the guess work out of garden zones, frost, hardening off,  pesky pests and all the other things that made gardening outdoors complicated.

Seeing Is believing 

Being able to see the water level helps to know if you are over watering or under-watering which is the number #1 killer when growing plants. Hydroponic kits create a reservoir of water that allows the plant to take up exactly what it needs. Fill up to the water level and let the plant do the rest. No more over watering.

Sprouts As Early As 3 Days

Looking to get started quickly? Some seeds are fast growing. Try lettuce, arugula, and Swiss chard to feel like a world class gardener.

Don't Just Store Your Food Grow It Too

Garden kits use a classic staple supply - mason jars. These sturdy glass jars are clean, recyclable, and eco-friendly. Plus they are see through containers to help make gardening easy.

Grow More Than Herbs

Grow what you would want to eat. You are not limited to just herbs when growing hydroponically. Try growing peppers, tomatoes, and eggplants indoors

You're In Good Company

A favorite thing that only gets better. Named an O Magazine Favorite Thing in 2020, and featured on 3rd Hour TODAY Show, this unique garden kit has only improved since then! Now with more eco-friendly materials, dual purpose uses, and a sleeker look. The goal is to make indoor gardening beautifully simple. Made in Arizona designed to grow anywhere.


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