Monstera Vinyl Decal Waterproof Sticker Pack

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These vinyl Monstera decal stickers are built to last. Apply them on your favorite things that have a smooth, flat surface. These decals are waterproof and have a stronger bond so once you decide on where to stick them they will stay put. Varying sizes for various uses!

Stickers range from 3 inches to 1 inch in height.

Perfect for:

- Laptops

- Cell phones

- Reusable water bottles

- Car windows

- Car bumper

- Binders/planners

- Plant pots

- Your favorite mug

- Picture frames

- Helmets

- and more!


What these are not great for:

- Walls - this is a stronger bond vinyl that isn't meant to be repositioned. Once removed it can remove paint so be wary.

- Any porous surface

Tip: Apply heat or a scraping tool to aid in removal once it has secured a strong bond.


Comes with 6 vinyl decal stickers, instructions, transfer tape. Tools not included: scraper. Recommended to use a credit card or ID card to help transfer the vinyl image to the desired location.



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