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Coco and Seed

Monstera Vinyl Decal Waterproof Sticker Pack

Monstera Vinyl Decal Waterproof Sticker Pack

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These vinyl Monstera decal stickers are built to last. Apply them on your favorite things that have a smooth, flat surface. These decals are waterproof and have a stronger bond so once you decide on where to stick them they will stay put. Varying sizes for various uses!

Stickers range from 3 inches to 1 inch in height.

Perfect for:

- Laptops

- Cell phones

- Reusable water bottles

- Car windows

- Car bumper

- Binders/planners

- Plant pots

- Your favorite mug

- Picture frames

- Helmets

- and more!


What these are not great for:

- Walls - this is a stronger bond vinyl that isn't meant to be repositioned. Once removed it can remove paint so be wary.

- Any porous surface

Tip: Apply heat or a scraping tool to aid in removal once it has secured a strong bond.


Comes with 6 vinyl decal stickers, instructions, transfer tape. Tools not included: scraper. Recommended to use a credit card or ID card to help transfer the vinyl image to the desired location.



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Helpful info

What is hydroponics?

Hydroponics is growing plants without soil and using nutrients in the water to provide it with all the food it needs to grow.

What are the benefits of growing hydroponic plants?

There are several key benefits to growing In a hydroponic set up than soil:

• Save more water! Hydroponic plants use less water than soil based plants
• You can grow year round indoors
• Little to no pests as growing medium is sterile

Do I need grow lights?

Coco and Seed set ups are designed to be electricity free. No need for grow tents, grow lights, water bubblers, etc. The sun is the best resource that your plants will need. If you are low on sun light for full-sun loving plants, then supplementing with a full spectrum light can be beneficial but using a regular house lamp can help as well.

How much should I fill with water?

Create an airspace to allow the roots to breathe by not filling above the bottom of the net pot. The roots near the net pot are gathering oxygen while the roots submerged are gathering food. Use the laser cut out leaves as an indicator for your water levels.

How often should I water it? What should the watering schedule be? 

Always :) Due to the growing style they can’t ever be without water/food. Hydro comes from the Greek word "hudor" meaning water. Always make sure the plant has access to water or nutrient-rich water in the container and you'll have happy healthy plants.