Why and How to Top Off Tomato Plants and More

Why and How to Top Off Tomato Plants and More

Topping off a tomato plant can sound scary when you realize what it means. To top off a plant means to basically cut off the head of it at the stem. But why do we do this to plants? It's very common with tomato plants and that is to mainly  control the size of it. Depending on its variety of indeterminate or determinate you may want to consider it more than not. Some varieties of tomatoes can grow and grow and staking, or vining, may not be something you may want to deal with.

Even compact container variety of tomato plants can benefit from a cutting. This is perfect for controlling the size, as well as focusing the energy on the existing fruit and new flower cluster production. It will grow width wise rather than continuing to grow upwards.

Hydroponic mason jar garden green tomatoes beginning to ripen

This particular container type is a dwarf indeterminate that will continue producing tomatoes for its growing season, outdoors that mean until frost comes. Because it is being grown indoors it will grow as a perennial and will last about 2 years before you'll want to plant again.

Tomato cutting propagating in a small vile of water

A big upside to topping off your tomato plant is being able to propagate, or root the cutting in water, to grow a whole new tomato plant!

Watch the video for a visual walkthrough on the benefits as well as a key indoor pollinating tip!


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