Topping Off Tomatoes and Replanting | Videos

Topping Off Tomatoes and Replanting | Videos

Topping Off Tomatoes and Replanting with Videos

The Tidy Treats variety of container tomato plant is unique because it has the size of a determinate but produces like an indeterminate. So while it's made for containers, containers vary!

tidy treat tomatoes in coco and seed hydroponic mason jar kit

But you can still grow some healthy and happy tomatoes in a mason jar, even a pint sized jar. While it may continue to grow up for a couple feet you can always control how big they get by cutting the stem, or what's called "topping off".

It sounds scary but don't be scared! Would you rather have an out of control plant, or have a smaller manageable size with bunches of tomatoes as tall as your basil plants.

Below are some videos showing the progress of originally topping off one tomato plant, putting it in water until the roots form, then replanting in the jar.

You don't have to put it in water and wait for roots, you can certainly place it directly in a hydro kit or in a grow pod first.

tomato clippings cuttings on windowsill in grow pod

How to "top off" or cut tomato branches for propagation cuttings

Progress after rooting your cuttings for about 1-2 weeks



Progress video after planted in the jar




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