One Reason Your Seeds Are Not Growing And How To Fix It

One Reason Your Seeds Are Not Growing And How To Fix It

troubleshooting starting seeds in container gardenWhen it comes to starting seeds this is a common problem that beginner gardeners tend to ask themselves in frustration. Why aren’t my seeds growing?! Beginner or not each seed is different in terms of size, type, and germination and many times it is trial and error. Some seeds need weeks to germinate, others may need help by scraping the seed to wear it down a bit to have an easier time opening up, others really prefer light and to not be covered up at all. While each seed may be different there is usually a common thread to this age old question, particularly in terms of indoor gardening and container gardening. And that is overwatering.

You may have heard that overwatering is worse than underwatering, when it comes to your little seedlings that is usually the case. Remember there is a dormant life in there and all it needs is to be activated. Giving it the best chance with an aerated growing medium that is not soaking wet is key.

The best thing to do: let it dry out! Give it time to expel some of its extra water and once you do you will begin to see seeds sprouting in just a few days. And keep this up! Once it sprouts don’t get water happy, that’s when they wither away.

Find the Goldilocks method: not too wet, not too dry... just right!

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