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NEW Waterproof Vinyl Basil Labels

Basil container labels vinyl

Well these labels aren't necessarily new new, but they now come in a physical format. You can, and always will, be able to pick up the PDF basil container labels download for free on the site. There is a pop up form at the time of writing this post, as well as a previous post with a link. If you are on the email list, I have sent it out to you guys as well. There's a chance that you reading this, garden bud, have these in your email inbox right now.

But what if you just don't feel like printing them out and cutting them yourself? I get it. Sometimes it's just easier to #havethething rather than #workthething. So if you are like that too, then you can pick up the printed and cut-for-you version of these labels.

Basil container labels vinyl

They come in a postcard size, and sticker only orders ship for free. There are 2 sheets and they contain 12 labels in total, with additional basil leaf stickers in the top corners, because why not have some fun with it?!

They are printed on a matte waterproof, dishwasher safe vinyl that is a bit thicker than my normal journal stickers. **The regular journal stickers are not water safe.**

How cute are these, right? They will be available as is or in the new basil bundle mason jar garden sets.

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