New House Plant Stickers

New House Plant Stickers

House Plant Sticker SetThe plant lover community is strong, and I love it. Even though Coco and Seed is based around offering edible plants (herbs and greens), I still have an appreciation for houseplants and learning more about them. I have a pothos that was gifted to me when I first moved into the place where I live now and it was the first addition to my plant family. I have since acquired more houseplants and, like you, have more and more. Plants are amazing aren't they?

So to pay homage to our houseplants I have a new sticker set (and a new houseplant to share with you).

These are based around our popular Mother Of Plants mug.

Mother Of Plants sticker sets House plant sticker set

There are two sticker sets. One has a houseplant, a mister, and a pair of pruning shears. The other set has our favorite potted plant with some friends. These stickers are not waterproof, so make sure to keep them in a planner or on paper rather than an area where it will get wet. 

Garden pruning shears mini sticker

The other set has the same elements but with a different planter represented on the Father Of Plants mug. I love the deep brown in this one, and this planter design is more gender-neutral, so you can use it however you'd like! It's actually my personal favorite.

Houseplant garden sticker set

Meet my new plant! It's a Red Anne, also known as a Fittonia argyroneura. It likes low light and is from Peru. If you have any houseplant care tips please add them below!

Houseplant stickers next to a fittonia argyroneurafittonia argyroneura

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