How to Pollinate Indoor Fruits

How to Pollinate Indoor Fruits

holding hydroponic mason jar showing healthy roots

The good news here is that the Thai Hot Peppers, Tidy Treat Tomatoes, and Fairy Tale Eggplants are all self pollinating fruit bearing plants. Sometimes they can use a little bit of help, but you can leave your makeup and paintbrushes at home. 

So how can you stop your leaves from dropping before they produce fruit? Create some movement. This can be airflow from an open window, a fan, a simple touch, or a handy tool you may already have, an electric toothbrush!

But don’t worry, your bristles will be safe, it’s the simple vibration while touching the stem that gets the pollen moving from within each flower. So no need to carry pollen from one flower to the next, but rather there are male and female parts within the same flower that can create some tasty tomatoes, or mouth watering spice.

Watch this clip for a demonstration!

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