Grow Beautiful Swiss Chard Indoors Year Round

Grow Beautiful Swiss Chard Indoors Year Round

Swiss Chard windowsill garden

I realized what most people don’t know about gardening Indoors is that you can do so without bubblers and grow lights and soil. I wanted to share this corner of my windowsill with you because it’s where these cool cropped veggies are growing despite the temperatures being in the triple digits. Although fall is here around the corner, the high is 107 this week but that won’t stop me growing Swiss chard 🌱

If you look close enough You may be able to see where some of the lower leaves have snapped off by accident. That is ok! Because my tip for you today is to harvest the smaller outer leaves to use in salads or to green up your dish as this will encourage more growth! This particular plant is a big provider when harvesting the outside leaves and allowing the inside leaves to continue to grow. Talk about a near endless supply!

Swiss Chard grown indoors harvest

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Swiss Chard with black female gardener

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