How to Make Banana Peel Tea Fertilizer

How to Make Banana Peel Tea Fertilizer

Banana tea fertilizer and swiss chard

Rice water fertilizer? Check! Banana peels? You bet!

The red sun has been beaming down in Arizona these past several days, you can even see it in the pictures I took of my banana tea fertilizer. I don’t know why but it encourages me to want to use more of what I have around the house and put it back towards my plants! I made several jars of this banana fertilizer after making many loaves of banana bread.


Each mason jar has 3 banana peels and they have been sitting in water for just under 2 days! They have already been fermenting and bubbling. Also reminds me of halloween and the holidays when we will undoubtedly be baking all the things. Bubble bubble 🔮

banana tea plant fertilizer in a mason jar

How to make it:

🍌 Take 2-3 banana peels and completely submerged in water in a container (I use a glass mason jar). Loosely cover. If you’d like it to ferment quicker then securely close the lid.

🍌 let it sit for just a few of days then remove and dispose of them however you’d like (compost/blend them up and fertilize outdoor plants).

🍌 Dilute with water to feed your plants, house plants or edible plants, for a boost of potassium, calcium, phosphorous, manganese, magnesium and more vital nutrients.

🍌Storage. I’m no expert here but fermented liquids don’t need to be refrigerated but kept in an airtight container (think kombucha and kimchi). If white mold or yeast appears don’t worry about it, it’s harmless. If it begins to turn colors you’ll want to discard it.

Will you be giving banana tea fertilizer a try? One last important thing, water from below and dilute to keep any nearby bugs far away.


If you're adding it to your passive hydroponic kits dilute, dilute, dilute! Allow your plant to drink it up and then flush with water and then repeat!  


Updated: 5.9.2022

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