Proud Plant Parent Enamel Mug Coco and Seed

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Adapted from a sticker illustration there's a new enamel mug you can drink your favorite beverages from while tending to your plant babies. Proud Plant Parent is an enamel mug holding 12 ounces sporting a forest and sage green color with yellow stars that glint with pride! Because who doesn't love talking about their plants?! 

Want to add a name, date, special message on the back of this mug? Go for it! If left blank the back will be blank.

✅ Mug and handle will be hot to the touch when filled with hot liquids, watch your fingers!

✅ Can be placed directly on the stove or over a campfire

✅ 12 fl oz

✅ Stainless steel silver rim

✅ Perfect for travel

✅ Sturdy

✅ Dishwasher safe

🚫 Enamel mugs should not be placed in the microwave


Each mug is hand pressed and made to order. Due to the nature of enamel mugs, there may be slight imperfections. Please keep this in mind when receiving your mug!

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