Soil Indoor Herb Garden Supplies Kit For Pint Size 16oz Mason Jar - Coco and Seed

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Designed to accompany your own pint-sized mason jar - Reduce-> Reuse-> Recycle.

This complete kit is perfect for you if you already have a mason jar at home taking up space but want to turn it into an herb garden.

Grow your favorite herbs year-round indoors and use the best ingredients to yield the best harvest. The growing medium is with organic soil that provides the best food for your seedlings and plants combined with coconut husks (coir). Together they provide a wonderful balance of drainage for your greens to grow.

Included in this pack:
• Non Gmo Seeds
• 2 Part Organic Soil Mixture
• Chalkboard Label
• Chalk
• Directions
• Pebbles
• Activated Carbon
• Cheesecloth

Pint mason jar is *not* included

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