Hydroponic Mason Jar Garden Kit Set

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The Best Selling Item Just Got Better 🌿

What's New?

An eco-friendly light protective sleeve with plant cutouts for checking on water levels. The sleeve has replaced paint in previous models.

Bamboo laser engraved plant markers have replaced vinyl. Place these in the top of the net pot to mark the plant name and date planted.

Seed packet is now simplified and in larger seed envelopes.

  1. • Eco-Friendly! Each garden kit uses glass mason jars that are durable and don’t leech any harmful chemicals. Contents are packaged using certified compostable wood-based biofilm made in the USA and meet FDA requirements for contact with food so you know what's packaged inside is safe. 
  2. •Assembled in Arizona. Coco and Seed is a woman-owned business located right in Arizona. Each kit is prepared and packed with care in mind. Each kit comes with everything you need to get growing with no grow lights or expensive bubblers necessary.  All that is needed is to find a sunny spot and just add water!
  3. • Non-GMO seeds that have been carefully tested and picked for the best growing experience. Coco and Seed offers a free seed guarantee if at first you don’t succeed you get sent new seeds for free! Support and encouragement is here when you need it!
  4. • Each garden kit comes with a COCO grow pod instead of soil. 



Your kit comes with:

• 16 oz Mason Jar

• Protective cover
• Bamboo plant label
• Net Pot
• Clay Pebbles
• Non-GMO seeds
• Growing Pod
• Dry Nutrient Mix
• Directions

Hydroponics use less water than traditional methods and plants grow much faster. Every element in the kit has been carefully picked to make sure your growing experience is a successful one whether you have a green thumb or not! 

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