Coco and Seed Self Watering Planter Indoor Herb Garden Kit Indoor Self Watering Planter with Soil and Coconut Coir Activated Charcoal EcoPlanter

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Grow your own whatever! Use your own seeds, transplant a store bought plant, add new rooted cuttings to this self-watering planter, whatever you'd like. This kit comes with everything you need to start growing, just add your favorite foliage.

Key Features:

• Made of 50% plant material the planter is made with earth-friendly durable yet degradable material. It protects the plant roots against extreme temperatures. 

• Self wicking so no need to worry about overwatering. 

• Sturdy iron base to protect counter tops and windowsills

• Suspended design

• Tasteful color palette


  • Iron base
  • Container
  • Net Pot (White)
  • Cotton Wick
  • Instructions
  • Soil
  • Coconut Coir

*Plant and/or seeds not included but samples are provided


A collaboration beginner friendly garden kit with Coco and Seed (@coco_and_seed), House of Aster brings a new soilless self-watering garden planter. Based on years of research and countless 5 star reviews comes a new indoor garden kit designed for a gardener at any level or age!

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