EcoPlanter Hydroponic Beets Microgreens Gardening Kit

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First-time grower? Want to see fast results? Try growing microgreens! In as little as 2 weeks you can harvest these and add them to your food! More than just a garnish. This growing medium is made with a 50/50 mix of nutrient rich soil and coconut coir for fluffy breathable potting mix.

Microgreens are a great, quick way to incorporate vegetables into your diet. Because you are growing them in your home you are not exposing them to pollutants that commercial varieties may have. They require minimal light and space to grow. They are a great option for those that want faster results than growing a full sized plant and typically can be harvested in 14 days (depending on the seed variety).

Some microgreens have four to 40 times more concentrated nutrients than their adult counterparts. <--This is a fact according to studies done at the University of Maryland in College Park.

So give it a try! It will be the fastest and easiest superfood you can grow in your home in a limited amount of space.

Key Features:

• Container made of 50% plant material. The planter is made with earth-friendly durable yet degradable material made from rice, wheat, and resin. It protects the plant roots against extreme temperatures.

• Self-wicking so no need to worry about overwatering.

• Sturdy iron base to protect countertops and windowsills

• Suspended design

• Tasteful color palette


• Iron base
• Container
• Net Pot (White)
• Cotton Wick
• Coconut Coir
• Plant Nutrients
• Non-GMO Seeds
• Instructions
• Bamboo garden marker


A collaboration beginner-friendly garden kit with Coco and Seed (@coco_and_seed), House of Aster brings a new soilless self-watering garden planter. Based on years of research and countless 5 star reviews comes a new indoor garden kit designed for a gardener at any level or age!


* This information is not intended as nor should be construed as medical advice, nor is the information a substitute for professional medical expertise or treatment.

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