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Indoor gardening beautifully simple

Grow fruit, herbs, and greens indoors year-round no matter the weather outside using a mason jar. Space is no factor. All garden thumbs included.
Guaranteed to grow

Stop killing your plants! Grow this way instead

Each grow kit has been carefully curated to make your growing experience a success
Non GMO Seeds
Our seeds are sourced from the USA. They are award winning, highly trusted, and grown on a family farm.
Not limited to herbs
Grow what you would want to eat.  You are not limited to just herbs when growing hydroponically. Try growing peppers, tomatoes, and eggplants indoors
No Electricity Needed
These kits are designed to grow on your windowsill. No extra expenses are needed when you can harness solar energy for free!
Free seed guarantee
Growing hydroponically for the first time can feel intimidating. No need to worry! If at first you don't succeed you get sent replacement seeds for free.

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These are our most popular hydro kits
- 250000 %
Basil Hydroponic Mason Jar Garden Kit

- 250000 %
Tomato Hydroponic Mason Jar Garden Kit

Why grow in a mason jar?

Seeing is beliving 
Being able to see the water level helps to know if you are over watering or under-watering which is the number #1 killer when growing plants.
Self watering to put you at ease
Hydroponic kits create a reservoir of water that allows the plant to take up exactly what it needs. Fill up to the water level and let the plant do the rest.
More than just water
Each grow kit includes a well balanced plant food so your plants get all the macro and micronutrients it needs to grow big and healthy produce. Plant food is sourced from natural ingredients, nothing artificial. 

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Frequently Asked


Need Help? We've got you covered!

What's your shipping policy?

Orders ship out typically within 0-2 business days via insured shipping methods. The best and quickest available method is used which is typically priority shipping. USPS and UPS rates may vary. At Coco and Seed we do our best to reduce your cost of shipping as prices continue to increase. Check out the banner for current shipping deals, sign up for the mailing list for discounts.

Shipping rates shown are typically the rates from the carriers. We do not take a profit from shipping costs. If there is a flat rate shipping that is just Coco and Seed covering part of the shipping costs with you! We know shipping costs are expensive!

What is hydroponics?

Hydroponics is growing plants without soil and using nutrients in the water to provide it with all the food it needs to grow.

What are the benefits of growing hydroponic plants?

There are several key benefits to growing In a hydroponic set up than soil:

• Save more water! Hydroponic plants use less water than soil based plants
• You can grow year round indoors
• Growing mediums are sterile so no need for pesticides
• Little to no pests as growing medium is sterile

Do I need grow lights?

Coco and Seed set ups are designed to be electricity free. No need for grow tents, grow lights, water bubblers, etc. The sun is the free resource that your plants will need. If you are low on sun light for full-sun loving plants, then supplementing with a full spectrum light can be beneficial but using a regular house lamp can help as well.

Do I plant all the seeds?

Each seed type will vary, unless otherwise noted on the seed pack they should be lightly covered by a thin layer of growing medium. Roughly a 1/4th of an inch. 

The fruiting plants (ie; tomato, pepper, eggplant) will only need 1 sprout or seedling per container. Thin or remove any extra sprouts to give your fruiting plants the best change to grow into a healthy producing plant.

How long do the seeds take to germinate?

Some take longer than others. Microgreens, lettuce, and arugula are fast sprouting, but basil, thyme, and thai hot peppers, for example, can take up to 2 weeks! Don't fret! Check the moisture level, the amount of sun/warmth. Don't be afraid to gently poke around to make sure they are alright.

How much should I fill with water?

Create an airspace to allow the roots to breathe by not filling above the bottom of the net pot. The roots near the net pot are gathering oxygen while the roots submerged are gathering food.

How often should I water it? What should the watering schedule be? 

Always :) Due to the growing style they can’t ever be without water/food. Hydro comes from the Greek word "hudor" meaning water. Always make sure the plant has access to water or nutrient-rich water in the container.

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