Thai Hot Ornamental Pepper Seed Starter

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Grow your own Thai Hot Ornamental Pepper plant. Seeds come with coconut coir grow pod to start seeds indoors, or simply direct sow. 


About 10 seeds and 2 grow pods. The hydroponic option has a coconut coir pod.

Helpful Info:

  • Plant several seeds then thin out as they sprout
  • Full sun
  • Mature in about 80 days or when peppers turn red
  • Cut stems to harvest and to promote growth
  • Cut stems and keep attached to pepper to increase the lifespan of pepper
  • Store in the refrigerator 
  • Use within 7-10 days for optimal flavor
  • Planting depth shallow 1/4 in

This pepper is hot! It has a Scoville rating between 50,000 and 100,000! But the bite doesn't last too long. For reference, a jalapeno is about 8,000.


Growing Hydroponically? Add a packet of hydroponic plant food.


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