Light Protective Mason Jar Sleeve

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These mason jar garden sleeves are made specifically for the hydroponic kits (16oz wide mouth mason jar) Handmade with a custom plant-inspired cut-out to view the water levels and protect the roots from the direct light, especially during the hot summer months. 

  1. Easily monitor the water level of your plants without needing to disturb their growth.
  2. Protect the roots against direct sunlight to reduce the chances of algae production.
  3. Reduces the frequency of needing to clean roots from buildup.
  4. Comes in a neutral charcoal gray to complement any decor.
  5. Handmade from thick durable felt.

Bonus Double Use:
- Works great as a mason jar felt coozie for hot drinks with a plant design cut out


Make tea with me. I’m a sucker for drinking out of mason jars, and it’s usually something hot. These ##masonjar sleeves are available in my shop!

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* listing includes custom felt cover - hydroponic garden kit sold separately



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