Hydroponic Indoor Herb Garden Supplies Kit For Mason Jar

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This complete kit is perfect for you to get started with hydroponics. This hydroponic kit is a SOILLESS (Yes!) self-watering container used to personalize the growing experience while making it fun and convenient to grow your own herbs and plants indoors.

All that is needed is to make sure the plant never goes without water, and that’s it!

Your kit comes with:

• A Chalkboard Label
• Chalk
• Net Pot
• Clay Pebbles
• Non-GMO seeds
• Growing Pod
• Dry Nutrient Mix
• Directions

• Pint-size wide mouth clear mason jar 16 oz

Hydroponics use less water than traditional methods and plants grow much faster. Every element in the kit has been carefully picked to make sure your growing experience is a successful one whether you have a green thumb or not! 

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