Refill Packs for EcoPlanters - Coco and Seed x House of Aster

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What are microgreens? First, they should not be confused with sprouts. They are a step above sprouts in the growing phase, pack a ton of nutrients, and taste like the full-grown plant. 

Microgreens are a great, quick way to incorporate vegetables into your diet. Because you are growing them in your home you are not exposing them to pollutants that some commercial varieties may have. They require minimal light and space to grow. They are a great option for those that want faster results than growing a full-sized plant and typically can be harvested in 14 days (depending on the seed variety).

Designed to be used with the Coco and Seed x House of Aster EcoPlanters. But if you don't have a planter any small 16 oz container will work. They come with instructions to get you growing to see how easy it is. Quite simply, COCOnut coir and SEEDs! :)

Add it to your cart with a planter kit to top up after you have harvested your first microgreens.

*Available microgreens seeds are one-time use only, unless otherwise noted. Recommended to harvest fresh and only when needed. If harvested more than needed store in the refrigerator. 

Shipping: Within 1-2 business days

EcoPlanter Refill Packs include:

- Coconut Coir

- Seeds

- Hydroponic Plant Food

- Bamboo Marker

- Cotton String

- Instructions (Printed + Digital)

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