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White Mold? Fuzzy Coconut Coir? Here's How To Fix This!

Updated 5.11.22

cinnamon for controlling mold and fungus in houseplants

Mold and fungus is everywhere! Have you tried this method? Some indoor and potted plants are prone to getting white mold but don’t freak out. This is totally normal and is deemed harmless to the plants and us. This is because there can be a lack of air circulation, overwatering, and not enough sunlight to help dry it out.

Even looking around at my own pots some have a bigger issue while others seem just fine. An easy way to fix this would be to open windows and turn on fans to make sure there is enough airflow. Make sure there is adequate sunlight to help dry out the topsoil, and making sure not to overwater. The last one is the biggest part! Check to make sure of where your water levels are. If it's too high reduce it and let things dry out a bit.
white mold in potted plant
If you have excess water feel free to drain it and let it dry up a bit. Plants like thyme do not like to be overwatered, so letting it dry out in between watering periods can help.

You can also scrape it off and replace it with new topsoil. My new personal favorite is adding a thin layer of ground cinnamon! Cinnamon is a natural fungicide and helps prevent the growth of mold. You can work it into the top layer of your growing medium! 

Beet Microgreens leaves



If you see white mold on your clay pebbles in your hydroponic mason jar kits  that means that your water level is too high. Keep an eye on this as the water level should not go above the bottom of the grow pod. Especially when first starting your seeds. The clay pebbles absorb water and release it when the grow pod needs it.

When your plant begins to grow roots those should be the only part in contact with the nutrient water.

If you begin to see the mold appearing take that as a sign that you are over-loving them and they need some room to breathe.

Alternative to cinnamon you can also clean off your pebbles in a light bleach to water solution, or hydrogen peroxide and soapy water. Rinse thoroughly and allow them to dry before returning them to the net pot in the mason jar. Because they absorb so well you don't want them to hold onto the bleach or soapy water solution.


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