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Harvesting Bright Lights Swiss Chard Grown From Seed | Video

Do you need a large growing space to grow palm sized, and even bigger, leafy greens? Absolutely not.  Brightly colored swiss chard can is just one of the many things you can grow indoors on a windowsill, no grow lights needed. This particular variety is called Bright Lights and you can see why it gets that name. The gorgeous yellows, pinks, oranges, and whites brighten up any kitchen garden grow area.  These sit on the south facing windowsill where it can get a good balance of direct and indirect sun light all day long with the early morning and early afternoon hours being the best for direct light.  The container they are growing in is roughly the same depth and...

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The Easiest Way To Have Endless Basil

Are you getting the most out of your basil plants? Products used: Hydroponic Mason Jar Garden Kit  Harvest when you need them, pinch flowers or cut stems to promote more growth, preserve the leaves by freezing, drying, making something with them (like a salad dressing or herb salt or butter)...These are some of the ways you can promote growth and save what you have. But here's another thing, why not root them in water?The most important thing is using your herbs as they grow. Like most plants, the more you use them, the more they will produce for you, and thus the more they will grow.  So what happens if you just plant a seed and leave it? Typically what...

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How To Harvest Your Lettuce

So you've been growing your lettuce, now what? Ideal harvest time for your lettuce mix, comprised to romaine lettuces, rossa leaf lettuce, oak leaf lettuce, and red and green leaf lettuce. Ideal harvest time when growing indoors is between 28-40 days. If you wait too long to harvest your lettuce mix it can become bitter tasting.  The best tip I can give is to harvest when you need it. Use it as fresh as possible. Add it to your salad mix (throw in some microgreens, arugula, spinach, chard!), use it on your burgers or fish tacos, add it to your eggs in the morning as a side salad, and throw in some vine ripened hydroponic cherry tomatoes too. You can...

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